SYNERGY Vol. 5 / No. 1 / 2009





Nicolae, M.
Leadership for Romanian Business Students

Franzese, C.
La peer education

Ghiga, G.
Capitalising on Students' Classroom Work

Prelipceanu, C.
Designing Communicative Activities for Business Letter Writing

Sandulescu, M.
Architettura del sapere nel discorso divulgativo del linguaggio economico-finanziario italiano

Robu, V.
A Plea for Intercultural Training through Language Learning

Chiriacescu, A.
The Concept of "National Culture" within the New Global Context-With "Britishness" as a Key Example

Constantinescu, L.
"Fit fur Europa". Spracherwerb und (inter)kulturelles im Studienbegleitenden Deutschunterricht

Condruz-Bacescu, M.
Growth of Cultural Globalization Impact over Romanian Culture Following the Accession to The European Union

Alama, M.
The Impact of the Body Ideal Image on the Beauty Magazines Readers in Europe

Marinescu, R.
Racist and Xenophobic Attitudes in English-Language Fiction by Authors of South-Asian Origin

Birsanu, R.
The Image of the Other in Ezra Pound's Translations

Colibaba, S.
The Minimalist Touch: Raymond Carver