SYNERGY Vol. 9 / No. 2 / 2013





Advisory Board

Gene TANTA - Performing Vulnerability to Contest Cynicism: Modeling the Power of Inquiry

Ana María HORNERO, Pilar MUR-DUEÑAS, Ramón PLO - Oral Skills in the Spotlight: EFL in Secondary Education in a Spanish Local Context

Mohamed Tahar ASSES - Task Differentiation to Enhance Mixed-Ability Learners' Receptive Skills

Dana Sorana URS - Soft Skills for the Engineering Students

Pilar GONZALEZ-VERA - Teaching Future Teachers Within The European Education Framework

Silvia PELLICER-ORTÍN - New Challenges for Higher Education Quality Assurance: The Peer Mentoring Programme at The Department of English and German Philology of The University of Zaragoza (Spain)

Adriana IONESCU - Fragen und Antworten zu einem Glossar der falschen Freunde Deutsch - Rumanisch

Vlad CUCU-OANCEA - Einige Beobachtungen zu Homonymen und Paronymen gleicher Herkunft im Deutschen und Rumanischen

Maria PARASCA - Ein quantitativer Vergleich - Rumanisch-Deutsch - der Fachsprachen der Rechnungslegung. Einige Anmerkungen aus Übersetzersicht

Zinaida-Tamara FEDOT - Nouvelles tendances dans l'evolution de la langue russe (prolegomenes a l'etude contrastive du vocabulaire economique)

Cristina Anca COLIBABA, Andreea Corina CLEMINTE, Claudia Elena DINU - Learn Foreign Languages through Drama

Traute TAESCHNER, Anca COLIBABA, Irina GHEORGHIU - 'The Narrative Format' for Learning and Teaching Languages to Children and Adults

James MOULDER - Salman Rushdie and Multiple Identities. Northern Ireland: Border Country. Two Books by Roxana Marinescu