SYNERGY Vol. 10 / No. 2 / 2014




Avtar BRAH - Europe, Diaspora, and Multi-Ethnic Futures: Looking through Intersectional Lens

Nilufer E. BHARUCHA - The Contribution of the Indian Diaspora to the Changing Face of Europe: Literary and Cinematic Representations

Roxana MARINESCU - Gendered Diasporas. Considerations on Some English-Language Novels by Women Writers of South-Asian Origin

Iulia RASCANU - Reflections on Connectedness and Alienation. The Case of South Asian Diaspora(n)s in Great Britain

Angelica MARINESCU: The "New" Indian Diaspora in Romania. Home and Belonging

Madalina CALANCE - Globalization, Anti-Globalization and Anti-Semitism. A Conspiracy Theory Approach

Luminita Andrei COC┬RTA - Late Dynamics of International Business Communication

Antonia ENACHE - Similarities Between Political and Commercial Advertising: the Slogan

Nina IVANCIU - ╔ducation Ó la synergie en milieu professionnel

Doris SAVA - Einfach & leicht: IPHRAS - Feste Wortverbindungen im Studium und im Beruf

Andrada PARCHISANU: Urbanolekte in Deutschland

Roxana CIOLANEANU - Semantic Variation in the Romanian Language of Marketing