SYNERGY Vol. 11 / No. 1 / 2015




Sridhar RAJESWARAN - India and Europe in the Past and the Present: Images and Representations

Adrian SOLOMON - Authenticity and Simulation in Post-Tourism

Sambhaji Mahadev SIRSATH - In-between Spaces: Construction of Identity among First and Second Generation Diasporics in My Beautiful Launderette

Mihaela ARSENE - The '13,000-Hour Apprenticeship of Observation' or Self-Awareness for Professional Growth in Teacher Education?

Virginia Mihaela DUMITRESCU - Learning Theories, and their Applicability in the Digital Age

Lora CONSTANTINESCU - Unser Öko-Alltag zwischen Marketing und Deutschunterricht

Mariana SANDULESCU - Del testo coeso ossia del maneggiamento dell'enunciato. Meccanismi coesivi. Seconda parte. La dislocazione e l'enfasi

Anca PECICAN - Metáfora conceptual y realización lingüística: el papel del contexto lingüístico en la construcción del significado

Mihaela ARSENE - "Why Nations Fail" or American Scholarship and Eastern-European Economic and Political Insights