SYNERGY Vol. 11 / No. 2 / 2015




Advisory Board

Laura GRUNBERG - Does Europe Need a Gender Mainstreamed Agenda for the Future?

Mihaela ARSENE - Academic Writing, the Invisible Dimension of the Curriculum. The Experience of The Bucharest University of Economic Studies vs. U.S. University Practice

Preeti SHIRODKAR - (C)Losing the Debate: Importance of Effectiveness in Communication

Cristina PRELIPCEANU - Country-Branding in a Multicultural World. The Case of Romania

Ana KARLSTEDT - Wahrnehmungsschulung im interkulturellen DaF-Unterricht

Ruxandra CONSTANTINESCU-STEFANEL - Techniques d'argumentation dans la communication commerciale: la négociation et la publicité

Nina IVANCIU - Les processus reformulatifs dans la perspective de la formation/ éducation à l'interculturel

Mihaela ARSENE - The Engaged University and Student Development. The U.S. Approach

Preeti SHIRODKAR - Memory as His(Her)Story. Intersectionality and Diaspora as Captured in the Short Stories of Shauna Singh Baldwin

Iulia RASCANU - Debating Multiculturalism in The U.K. Representation and Analysis in Cinematic Texts

Sharaf REHMAN - Cinematic Selfies: Films through the Eyes of their Directors

Clelia CLINI - Migration and Multiculturalism in Italy: Conflicting Narratives of Cultural Identity

Roxana MARINESCU - Multiculturalism within the Postcolonial and Postcommunist Frameworks. The Cases of India and Romania