SYNERGY Vol. 12 / No. 1 / 2016




Advisory Board

Maurizio GOTTI - Globalisation in the Academic World: Implications for Language Education and Research

Christine B. FEAK - EAP Writing Support for the Research Process: Questions and Emerging Issues

Anda-Elena CRETIU - English as a Practical Tool for Increasing Visibility in the Art World

Gloria BOSCH-ROIG - "Problem Fremdsprachen": Deutsch auf Mallorca aus der Markt- und Wirtschaftsperspektive

Claudia DINU, Ioana CRETU, Anca COLIBABA - Multipurpose Materials Design for Multilingual Healthcare Communication: The "Take Care" Approach

Karen BENNETT, Laura-Mihaela MURESAN - Rhetorical Incompatibilities in Academic Writing: English versus the Romance Cultures

Boryana KOSTOVA, Galina SHAMONINA - Holding the Key to Successful Academic Communication

Ana ROLDAN-RIEJOS, Silvia MOLINA-PLAZA - Home and Clothes: A Case of Prolific Metaphor Creation in Engineering (Spanish and English)

Sonia DI VITO, Roberta GIORDANO - Compiling and Exploiting a Plurilingual Comparable Corpus of the "Military Language" in French and Spanish

Maria STEFANESCU - Some Theoretical Preliminaries to Designing a Bilingual (Romanian-English) Dictionary of Religious Terms

Anisoara POP - Medical Students Perception of Technology - Enhanced ESP Writing - A Basis for Quality Language Learning

Yolanda-Mirela CATELLY - Language Learning and Language Using Strategies - Focus on Teaching Approach Transferability

Diana-Eugenia IONCICA, Tom BURNS, Antonia ENACHE, Marina MILITARU, Sandra SINFIELD - A Study on the Level of Satisfaction of Students in The Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Mihaela ARSENE - Student Empowerment, Affective Factors, and Enhanced Linguistic Output in the Business English Class

Irina DAVID - The Multifold Task of Teaching English for Business Communication Seen through the Students' Lens

Maria DARABANT - English - Friend or Foe of Communication?

Antonia ENACHE - Facets of the Indirect Attack in the First Televised Election Debate Klaus Iohannis - Victor Ponta

Lucia-Mihaela GROSU-RADULESCU - Negotiations of the Diasporic Self and Couples' Lives

Dana RADLER - Migration, Identity and Change for Young Heroes in John McGahern's Fiction

Mariana NICOLAE - The Semiperiphery of Academic Writing: Discourses, Communities and Practices, Karen Bennett (Ed.). Palgrave Macmillan (2014)

Oana Maria CARCIU - English as a Scientific and Research Language. Debates and Discourses, Ramon Plo Alastrue and Carmen Perez-Llantada (Eds.). De Gruyter Mouton (2015).