SYNERGY Vol. 12 / No. 2 / 2016




Advisory Board

Roxana MARINESCU, Mariana NICOLAE - Leadership for a Nation

Sharaf REHMAN - The Role of Music in Hindi Cinema

Lora CONSTANTINESCU - Befremdende Fremdheitsbilder in der Werbung

Sorina CONEA - The Portrait of the Romanian Negotiator

Raluca Nicoleta SERBAN - Versions of Alterity. The Wandering Heroes of Herman Melville and V. Voiculescu

Dana RADLER - Fear and Violence - Memory Repressed and Reconfigured in The Dark by John McGahern

Kateryna MURASHEVYCH - Stylistic and Expressive Role of Contrast in Chinese Misty Poetry (The End of the 20th Century)

Virginia Mihaela DUMITRESCU - Landmarks of Translation Studies (A. F. Tytler, M. Arnold and E. Nida). A Critical Evaluation

Carolyn GASCOIGNE - Externship Opportunities in French: A Response to Changing Student

Olga CALINA - Warming Up in EBE Classes

Elena TALMACIAN - Feedback Aspects on Economic Presentations

YAN Zhimin - Aspects of Chinese Phonetics Teaching in Romania

Cornelia PATRU - Euphemistische Formulierungen in deutschen und rumänischen Werbeanzeigen der Medizinindustrie. Einige Aspekte

Alina-Maria MARDARI - Anglizismenverwendung in der deutschen und rumanischen Jugendsprache

Anca-Teodora SERBAN-OPRESCU - Book Review: The Economic Strength of Women Andreea Paul (coord.)