SYNERGY Vol. 2 / No. 1 / 2006




Hollinger, A.
The Use of Metaphor in Financial Texts

Patru, C.
Versuch einer kontrastiven deutsch-rumanischen Studie der zur Wortfamilie "Kaufmann" gehorenden Berufsbezeichnungen

Scurtulescu, A.
"Positive" Strategies in Political Discourse

Negrea, V.
A Linguistic Approach to Advertisement Translation

Constantinescu, L.
Bilder der Wirtschaft und ihre "Sprachen"

Ciolaneanu, R.
Teachers as Facilitators in Conducting Class Debates

Parpalea, M.
Die Unausweichlichkeit von Fehlern beim Fremdsprachenlernen

Simion, D.I.
E-Themes in English Language Teaching

Simpson, A.
A Vocational Perspective on the 'English for the World of Work' Project

Luxon, T.
Reflections on The Reflective Practitioner: Investigating Our Own Practices

Enache, M.
The Use of Non-Sexist Language in Business

Marinescu, R.
Violence in Contemporary Anthropology: the South-Asian Case and the Postcolonial Condition

Grosu, L.
A Third Space of Love

Ioncica, D.
Through Loss to Revelation: Beautiful Losers and The English Patient

Codreanu, A.
Genre Analysis: Life Made Easier for ESP Teachers

Magureanu, T.
An Aid and a Stimulus for Research