SYNERGY Vol. 2 / No. 2 / 2006





Prelipceanu, C.
False Friends in Business English

Sandulescu, M.
La neologia tecnico-scientifica derivativa nell'italiano contemporaneo

Andrei Cocarta, L.
Aspects of English Vocabulary Acquisition

Chiriacescu, A.
Developing Reference Skills for Essay or Research Paper Writing

Granescu, M.
Role-Play or Real Play?

Grigore, L. N.
Managing Language Problems - a Key Source of Competitive Advantage in the Global Business Environment

Catelly, Y.M.
Great Educational Challenges at the Beginning of the 21st Century

Bardi, M.
Learning in a Context of Change - Professional and Personal Benefits

Rascanu, I.
The Beauty Myth: Representations of the Female Body in Advertisements

Catargiu, C.C.
The Manufacturing of Desire in Consumer Culture

Serban, R.
Representations of Authorship in the Postmodern American Novel: John Barth's Chimera and Paul Auster's City of Glass

Giurculescu, D.
Le ascendenze liriche di Paolo Ruffilli