SYNERGY Vol. 3 / No. 2 / 2007





Muresan, L.
New Vistas for The European Language Portfolio

Colibaba, S.
"Blended Learning": Concept and Implementation in Language Learning

Vlad, M., Colibaba, A.
Implementing Online Learning: from Principles to Practice

Ivan, M.
Assessment within the Cerf Action-Based Approach

Calciu, R.
Activitatea de PR in universitati. Exemplul german

Lacatus, M.L.
Economia alegerilor publice si predarea - invatarea economiei

Chiriacescu, A.
Creating Goodwill - an Important Objective in Business Communication

Enache, A.
A Communicative Approach to Teaching Business English

Pecican, A.
A Cross-Linguistic Analysis of Conceptual Metaphors in Romanian and English Central Bank Reports

Marinescu, R.
Postcolonial Identities. British - South-Asian Novelists

Marin, M.
Person To Person: Relationship in the Poetry of Tony Harrison

Alama, M.
Aesthets and Aestheticism

Dumitrescu, M.
Derrida Vs. Saussure: Two Ways of Looking at the Linguistic Sign

Enache, D.
The Philosophy of the Absurd, as Illustrated in Emil Cioran's Despair

Codreanu, A.
A. Se non e vero e ben trovato: Beneficial or Not in the Development of Science?

Condruz-Bacescu, M.
The Loss of Identity in the Globalisation Age