SYNERGY Vol. 4 / No. 1 / 2008





Balan, R., Colibaba, A.
Innovative Tools for Autonomous Language Learning

Vlad, M., Ursache, I.
Developing Foreign Language Skills and Literacy through Family Learning

Chiriacescu, A.
Training the Students to Intercultural Communication: a Challenge for the FLTeacher

Talmacian, E.
Using the Critical Thinking Approach in Teaching Business English: Problem - Solving

Lacatus, M.L.
Teoria jocurilor si oligopolul

Temmerman, M., Sinardet, D.
Same Politicians, Different Journalists. Political Interviewing Styles on Dutch-Speaking and French-Speaking Public Television in Federal Belgium

Robu, V.
Aspects of Organisational Culture

Condruz-Bacescu, M.
A Short Analysis of Cultural Globalisation

Colibaba, S.
Character Delineation in American Minimalist Short Fiction

Dinu, C.E.
La valeur pragmatique et la construction de soi dans le discours litteraire

Marinescu, R.
Gendered Violence in the English-Language Fiction by Authors of South-Asian Origin

Dumitrescu, M.
The Figurality of Language and the Illusion of Meaning: Rousseau, Nietzsche, and De Man

Galli, I., Fasanelli, R., Sommella, D.
L'adhesion aux partis de droite du point de vue des militants