SYNERGY Vol. 4 / No. 2 / 2008





Roman, M.
Romanian Higher Education: Present and Perspectives

Zaharia, R.M.
Performance of Academic Research. Case Study: Bucharest University of Economics. The View of Academics

Sandru, I.M.D.
Dimensions of Quality in Higher Education. Some Insights into Quality-Based Performance Measurement

Calciu, R.
Quality Assurance through Inspections and the Inspector's Role

Ion, R.A.
A New Approach to Teaching and Learning

Gyorgy, A.
On-Line Teaching Using E-Mail Communication

David, I.
Integrating Critical Thinking in the Teaching of Presentations

Catargiu, C.C.
Developing Writing Skills - Graph Description

Ghiga, G.
The Phatic Function of Communication in Romanian Business Negotiations

Balu, F.O.
The "Learning Organization" Approach as a Challenge for Business Development

Muresan, L.
Building "Learning Organisation" Elements in the Interdisciplinary Research and Teacher Education Master Programme at The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies

Serban-Oprescu, A.T.
Project Management and Effective Professional Development in Higher Education

Paun, R.
The Challenges of Writing Papers

Grosu, L.M.
Attitudes to Power and the Legitimation of Actions - a Combined CDA-CTApproach to G.W.Bush's Speeches

Prelipceanu, C.
Military Metaphors in Business

Banacu, C. S.
A New Synergic Instrument for Sustainable Investments Valuation

Palfi, M.A.
Efficient Maritime Port Critical Infrastructure Protection: a Project Management and Critical Thinking Perspective

Covaci Voicu, C.
The Perception of Specialists on Romanian Underground Economy