SYNERGY Vol. 6 / No. 1 / 2010




Arsene, M.
Teacher Development through Peer Observation: the Reflective Approach

Franzese, C., Galli, I.
Peer education e disabilita uditiva. Integrazione degli studenti audiolesi nella scuola. Peer Education and Hearing Disability. Inclusion and Active Participation of Deaf and Hearing Impaired Students in Schools

Constantinescu, L.
Wenn das gleiche nicht immer dasselbe ist. Problem Wortbedeutung im DU

Urs, D.S., Catelly, Y.M.
Raising Stakeholders' Awareness of the Need for Soft Skills in the Tertiary Engineering Education Curriculum

Constantinescu-Stefanel, R.
Teaching Meetings

Stamatescu, I.
Self-Construction and Deconstruction through Othering in F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender Is The Night. Iimplications of the Theme of the Other, Eroticized and Abjected

Marinescu, R.
Violated History. Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts and the South-Asian Experience

Condruz-Bacescu, M.
Managing a Multicultural Environment

Enache, D.
A Few Remarks on Schopenhauer's Will

Dumitrescu, V.M.
Irony: "A Moment in a Dialectic of the Self"

Sandulescu, M.
Divulgazione scientifica ossia riformulazione scientifica