SYNERGY Vol. 6 / No. 2 / 2010




Colibaba, A., Vlad, M., Vrinceanu, C.
Personalized Support for Language Teachers Using ICT

Arsene, M.
A Teacher-Produced Monologue as a Framework for Teaching Listening

Constantinescu-Stefanel, R.
Teaching Job Interviews

Codreanu, A.A.
Topoi at Work

Nicolae, M., Marinescu, R.
Translating Culture - Terminology and Communication

Volceanov, G.
Contending Translations of The Tempest in Present-Day Romania

Dumitrescu, V. M.
The Critic and the "Blind Force" of Language: a "Theoretical" Reading of Rousseau

Alama, M.
Why Virtual Space Is Endless

Constantinescu, L.
Textsorte Werbung im FSU/FaSU

Rosca, V.
Football as a Social Integrator. A Historical Perspective. Case Study: the British Immigrants' Integration into the Brazilian Culture in the Late 19th Century

Colibaba, S.
The Nature of the Short Story: Attempts at Definition

Serban, R.
"Astray In Time's Funhouse": Once Upon A Time. A Floating Opera

Condruz-Bacescu, M
Business Communication Competence

Popp, A.
Employee Behavior: Managing for the Future