SYNERGY Vol. 8 / No. 2 / 2012





Advisory Board

Maria Hritcu, Mariana Nicolae - The future of leadeship - An inquisitive,nonliniar and holistic approach

Lucia-Mihaela Grosu - Multiculturalism or transculturalism - Views on cultural diversity

Irina David - Scholars' views on Eastern European perceptions of America

Daniel Iacob, Virginia Mihaela Dumitrescu - Cultural awareness, sensitivity and competence basic requirements for business success in Nepal and South Africa

Monica Condruz Bacescu - Blended Learning - The future of learning in foreign languages

Virginia Mihaela Dumitrescu - The cultural dimension of rhetoric the use of meiosis and hyperbole in British and American English

Lavinia Petre, Ruxandra Constantinescu Stefanel - Business negotiations between the Romanians and the Japanese - A cross-cultural perspective

Anca Teodora Serban Oprescu - Through the language glass. Why the world looks different in other languages