SYNERGY Vol. 9 / No. 1 / 2013





Advisory Board

Mariana Nicolae - 100 years of language education in the Bucharest University of Economic Studies

James Moulder - For the ASE's next 100 year: Cu mult drag

Irina David - Developing Business English writing skills: views of students at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Monica Condruz Bacescu - English in Romania - from the past to the present

Zinaida Tamara Fedot - Implications didactiques de la relation langue - civilisation

Irina David and Elena Talmacian - Linguistic and cultural dimensions of lexical borrowings from English into Romanian

Elena Talmacian - Aspects of anglicisms in the Romanian economic language

Lucia Mihaela Grosu - Mapping the road to identity in vs. Naipaul's Magic Seeds

Andreea Catrinela Lazar - The female self as a narrative source in Doris Lessing's The Summer Before the Dark and Love, Again

Raluca Andreescu - Doing business with the Japanese: a study of Alain Corneau's Fear and Trembling

Virginia Mihaela Dumitrescu - Culture as communication: communication style across and within cultures

Anca Teodora Serban Oprescu - History of modern languages in ASE Bucharest. A centennial perspective